Hempworx Relief Cream- How CBD oils helped my neck sprain testimony

Hi, I wanted to share my work with CBD oils particularly the Hempworx Relief Cream. I have started taking the drops too, but cannot say I have noticed anything yet. But I also will say it has only been a week and a half and I started with a very small dose. I am working my way up so we will see what it does. What I am mainly hoping the CBD oils will give me brain clarity. I am a mother of 7 and my brain does not always function properly. lol. If you are a mom you know what I am talking about. Now to tell you my testimony of how the Hempworx Relief Cream worked.

How the Hempworx Relief Cream helped my neck:
The very day I got my order of Hempworx in, my neck had been bothering me at work. Throughout the day it kept getting worse. My neck occasionally gets this way when I workout and put to much strain on my neck. Well I must have done it again. When it does happen it get progressively worse for a few days until it finally starts to loosen up and feel better.

Well I came home from work that day, to realize my order had arrived. It did really hit me at first to try the cream I had just bought and then it clicked. Hey, I have this new cream why don't I try it on my neck. And that is what I did. I want to say not even 30 minutes later the pain was gone. I could not believe it. It made me wonder if it was just a coincidence. But I know my neck would normally get worse and be in pain for days if I had not used the Hempworx Relief Cream.

Thanks for reading my testimony. If you like leave in the comments how Hempworx has worked for you or if you have not tried it click here to learn more....

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