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Bear Mattress Discount Code 2023 ($75 off) Discount Codes, Bear Mattress Refer A Friend and BearMattress Reviews 2023: Are you shopping at Bear Mattress today. If so, you can save $75 on today's purchase. Click here to get $75 off coupon . Shopping for a mattress? Check out Bear Mattress. BearMattress offers a 100 night risk free trial, free returns, free shipping, eco friendly materials and it's made in the USA.At BearMattress each mattress is designed with an exclusive blend of specialty foams and a technology that provides the cooling, pressure relieving and comforting sleep. The combination of materials used in mattress makes it not to firm and not to soft. It also will keep cooler at night, because it is designed to not overheat. Also check out the bear pillow to help you get a better nights sleep. Bear Mattress Refer A Friend Program $50 Bonus If you have tried the Bear Mattress and love it, you could be earning cash by telling your friends about Bear Mattress. Join the Bear Mattress Referral P