Mom's Need more ENERGY? Try Spark Sugar-FREE Energy Drink!

If you are a mom or anybody for that matter that could use more energy, I would highly recommend trying SPARK. I am a stay at home mom of 7 kids, and while they are great kids and I love being with my kids it can be wearing. So, I take Spark. If you are not familiar with Spark it is a energy drink that is sugar free, full of vitamins and minerals, enhances mental focus and of course gives you more energy. Spark is especially good if you are trying to lose weight, because it is sugar free and it will give you more energy to workout. My husband runs a business and also takes spark. Since it has helped him so much all the people who work with him have also started taking it. Several of those switched from having 5 hour energy to having a spark instead. If you would like to learn more about spark click here. You can also save 20% by becoming a preferred customer.

Advocare Preferred Customer

What is a advocare preferred customer? Basically becoming a preferred customer allows you to save 20% on all advocare products. What is the cost? To become a preferred customer cost $20 per year. You will save 20% and get the following:

  • Spark flavor-sampling Starter Pack featuring two stick packs of Fruit Punch, Mango Strawberry, Grape and Watermelon (Servings Per Container: 8)†
  • Product Catalog
  • Impact Magazine
  • Product Navigator Brochure

Save 20% on advocare Spark by becoming a preferred customer. How to become an advocare preferred customer. Where to get Advocare Spark

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