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MetroMile Refer A Friend $10 Sign Up Bonus

MetroMile Referral Program Bonus, MetroMile Reviews and MetroMile Sign up Bonus: Need auto insurance but don't drive much? MetroMile is a different kind of auto insurance. With MetroMile you pay for the amount you drive. Basically MetroMile is a pay-per-mile insurance that save you money if you don't drive very often. Metromile customers pay an average of $500 less than typical auto insurance. With the MetroMile pay-per-mile you pay the base rate plus a few cents per mile. And just because it's cheaper does not mean you are getting cheap insurance. MetroMile insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, uninsured, collision, comprehension, rental reimbursement, emergency road side assistance and more... See site for details... Now I am sure you are wondering how they know how many miles you are traveling. Well they use a device called the metromile pulse which is installed to your car to keep track of how many miles you travel. Another benefit of metromile is the app. The Metromile app helps keep track of your cars health through the Metromile pulse. It also will help you find your car and track miles on trips. MetroMile is only available in California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington but is quickly expanding to other states.

MetroMile Refer A Friend Program
If you shop at MetroMile and love it you could be earning free gift cards. Go to the MetroMile Referral Program page and start telling your friends about MetroMile. When your friend uses the link you send them, to get Metromile Insurance you will get a $10 Amazon Gift Card . Learn more...

MetroMile Reviews
If you have shopped at MetroMile before whether you love it or hate we would love to hear your opinion about MetroMile. Please leave your personal review of MetroMile in the comment box below.

MetroMile Reviews, Metromile Refer A Friend Program, MetroMile Sign up Bonus

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