2021 Ibotta Teamwork Bonus $10, $1, $1, $3

Ibotta Teamwork Bonus for 2021: Every month Ibotta offers extra bonuses for teamwork. How it works is each month their is a different goal to get the bonuses. There are 4 levels of bonuses. For each level you will be required to get a certain amount of rebates and your team all together (not each one) will be required to reach a certain amount of rebates. Each level bonus is a little harder, but gives a greater bonus. Below I show you more what I mean.

February Ibotta Teamwork Bonuses
Level 1 - Redeem 15 rebates, Team redeems $6 of rebates (Earn $1)
Level 2 - Redeem 15 rebates, Team redeems $12 of rebates (Earn $1)
Level 3 - Redeem 25 rebates, Team redeems $20 of rebates (Earn $3)

If you are new to Ibotta you can join here and enter referral code fyjmta when you join and you will get a $10 bonus.

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