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Get $7 off SkipTheDishes here! Hungry but don't have time to make dinner? Get local food delivered straight to your door. SkipTheDishes is a new type of company that connects people to local restaurants and food couriers, making great food more accessible. Through the SkipTheDishes network, restaurants gain more business, food couriers earn extra income on their own schedule, and busy customers are able to gain time by ordering from hundreds of local restaurants and national chains that never offered delivery before.

Skip the Dishes Refer A Friend Program
If you have tried Skip the Dishes and love it, you could be earning credit towards your Skip the Dishes purchase. Just refer your friends to Skip the Dishes using your personal SkiptheDishes Referral Code and they will save $7 and you will receive $7 to go towards your Skip the Dishes purchase. Learn more....

Skip the Dishes Reviews
If you have tried the SkiptheDishes before, please leave your review in the comment box below. We would love to hear about your personal experience using the Skip the Dishes site.

Similar Sites to Skip the Dishes:
If you would like to try Skip the Dishes but it is not in your area, no problem! There are other sites similar to Skip the Dishes that delivers meals straight to your door. Click on the links below to learn about other food delivery services.

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