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LoungeBuddy App Referral Code, LoungeBuddy App Review and LoungeBuddy Refer A Friend Program: LoungeBuddy is an app that helps you discover, book and access premium airport lounges.

Why and how to use the LoungeBuddy App:
You can arrive early. With LoungeBuddy app you can arrive early, rest and take your time. I hate being in a rush on vacation. A place for kids. Maybe you have a layover, LoungeBuddy allows you to find and book a safe kids area where they can release some of that energy before the flight. Or in the case of a layover you can rest, refresh and get a shower. Another advantage of Loungebuddy is it helps you save money. Enjoy all-inclusive amenities inside the lounge instead of purchasing them individually for a higher cost in the terminal.

LoungeBuddy Refer A Friend Program $10 Credit:
If you have tried the LoungeBuddy App and are enjoying it you could be earning credit by referring your friends. With the LoungeBuddy Referral Program you can invite your friends to LoungeBuddy by sending them your LoungeBuddy Referral Code. When they use your LoungeBuddy referral code to join they will receive a $10 credit to go towards there first booking and as an added bonus you will receive a $10 credit also.

LoungeBuddy App Reviews
If you have tried the LoungeBuddy App before, please leave your LoungeBuddy review in the comment box below. We would love to hear about your personal experience using the LoungeBuddy app.
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