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Time4Learning Coupon Code, Time4Learning Promo Codes and Time4Learning Reviews: Read my Time4Learning review below. (Promotion has ended) However scroll down to see how you can get a free month with blog. Right now at time4learing you can get buy one month get one month free. If you have been wanting to try time4learning here is your opportunity. This promotion is good until June 30, 2021. Click Here! This promotion has expired. As soon as there is a new discount I will post right away. If you have a blog you can also get a free trial by writing a review of time4learning for up to 4 kids. Learn more on there website... 

If you are thinking about time 4 learning, but not sure about it here is my review. I am a stay at home mom with six kids four of which I home school. I have tried many different home school curriculum's and this is by far my favorite. I like time 4 learning for the following reasons:

- the work is not excessive but they are still learning
- It is not all reading so the younger ones can use it to
- There are cute videos and teachers that make it fun for kids
- The teachers are fun, interesting and explain things well
- I don't have to teach (I do help and make sure they are understanding and not just trying to get through the classes)
- We are usually done by lunch time so we can work on other activities
-  My kids love it!
- It is inexpensive compared to other I have looked into
- They offer high school classes
- They also have language learning through Rosetta Stone
- You can make automated lesson plans (I choose what days they will being doing school, when I want the school year to start and end, and it calculates the amount of classes that needs to be done to accomplish that goal.)

If you would like to give Time4Learning a try click here! If you have tried time4learning please leave your reviews in the comment box below. 

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