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Today get a $10 Bonus plus extra bonuses when you join ibotta using referral code fyjmta or click here! Do you like to save money? I know I do, and that is why I absolutly love the ibotta app. It is so easy to use and a great way to save money in addition to coupons. If you are an avid couponer and have not signed up for ibotta you are missing out. And even if couponing is not your thing this is so simple to use it is worth it. The other day I went to Joann Fabrics and spent $70 bucks. I used a few of there coupons or else it would have been $100 bucks. When I got home I realized they had a rebate for Joann Fabrics on the ibotta app. So opened the ibotta app scanned the barcode on the receipt and got 10% cash back. $7 so worth it to scan the barcode to get an additional $7. And of course there are many great cashback deals this is just one small example, but like I said so worth it.

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Oh yeah, and I got an extra $2 bonus for submitting two receipts. One for Joann Fabrics and one for the Dollar Tree. So $9 saved in one day not bad....

So try it out today and enter ibotta referral code fyjmta to get your additional $10 just for signing up.

Note: You must get your first rebate in the first 2 weeks in order to get your $10. So the sooner you start saving money with ibotta the better! ;)

And every penny counts with this crew!! ;)

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